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A meeting of two complex personalities

Francis Newton Souza, well known as F N Souza, hailed from Saligao. He went to become a celebrated international artist. His works spoke about the inner anxiety of man and his struggle. A photo exhibition by Grosvenor Gallery, London is a way to gain an insight into this personality. To delve further NT BUZZ spoke to Conor Macklin of the Grosvenor Gallery and artist Jatin Das

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Quirky Creations

By Meher Castelino

At the Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Fashion 2011 the Gen Next designers proved that they can think out of the box with some quirky creations that made great fashion statements. Four designers revealed a cross section of styles and detailing that were eye catching.

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For teacher, with love

Ever experienced your accelerated heartbeats as the teacher you have a crush on walks into the classroom. Your mannerisms undergo a complete change and your friends are left wondering why the otherwise back bencher decided to sit in the front row.

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A second education


The introduction of National Service Scheme (NSS), National Cadet Corps (NCC) and Junior Red Cross (JRC) was done with the purpose of providing students with a wholesome education, which veered towards the practicalities of life.  Many students take to these disciplines with much enthusiasm. But it still remains to find favour with a huge segment.

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Embarking on a Landscaping Adventure

By Perin Ilavia

Laying out a garden and watching the landscape transform can be an exciting venture. Not everyone has the luxury of garden space, but for those who do, even if it’s 10’x10’ area, transform it into a place of recluse and beauty. A garden in front of the house gives it vibrancy, if it is in the backyard, it affords privacy.

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Kindle the Fires

By Joe Mascarenhas

I was reminiscing after a visit to my ancestral home in Anjuna where the focus used to be the kitchen. Delicious meals were cooked on wood fire in earthenware pots (there was no electricity or gas then); a very simple lifestyle, but the food was tasty to the core.

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New Konkani pop album hits market

By Sabina Fernandes e Dias

Ivor D’cunha, composer and singer of the Konkani stage launched his latest pop album ‘Fugdi Ghalun Nach’ on the auspicious feast day of nativity of Mother Mary recently in Dubai. This is Ivor’s fourth pop album.

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