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With Malice Afore-thought

My father’s ‘crime’ was to identify the two in court. He told the truth and nothing but the truth. Is telling the truth a crime? However, mediamen linked his name to the handing of the two martyrs. He had nothing whatsoever to do with the martyrdom of the two men. It is a malicious falsehood fabricated to malign a man who is not here to defend him

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The Mighty Zambezi

By Bonnie Lynn

River rafting the Zambezi is a lot like falling in love. You’re intrigued to do it. Everyone else claims its life’s greatest experience. You agree to do it, letting your heart overrule your brain. You stumble and fall constantly in the process. You bond with others as you never thought possible. And miraculously you live through it to tell of the choicest adventure of your life.

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The Neglected Microbes of Goa

By Nandkumar M Kamat

The world of microbes is vast and diverse, but so little is known about them in Goa despite their local diversity and economic usefulness. Microbes are microscopic organisms, not visible to naked eyes. They began life on earth some four billion years ago.

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Hamilton surprises with German Victory

Hamilton grabbed the lead from Red Bull’s Mark Webber at the start as Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso and Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel scrapped over third place on a track that was slightly slippery in places from a very light shower just as the grid formed.

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Film Review by Sachin Chatte

Western Meets Science Fiction

 Film: Cowboys and Aliens

Cast: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde

Directed by: Jon Favreau

Duration: 118 minutes

Rating: * * *

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Rico Rod Entertains His Fans

Rico Rod, veteran artiste of tiatr stage entertained his fans during the monthly programme ‘Kolakorak Bhett’ – Meet the Artiste, organised by the Tiatr Academy of Goa at the Conference Hall of TAG, Campal Trade Centre, Campal, Panaji.

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Ramadhan, month of personal revolution

By Samir Khan

The up coming month of Ramadhan can very well be regarded as the Month of Revolution. Not only did the revelation of the Holy Qur’an, and therefore the revolution of Islam begin in Ramadhan, but also every Ramadhan brings a new revolution in the life of those who observe it. Ramadhan is not just about fasting; it is also about the Qur’an, jihad (fight against one’s own soul), spiritual strengthening, charity and peace. It is a time for inner reflection, devotion to Allah, and self-control.   

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Make your Statement

By Homai Sagar

Indian women wanting to be in the forefront of fashion need not worry anymore about having imperfect bodies. The reason for this comforting message… The whole fashion world is changing by undergoing a shift from the so-called thin anorexic look to rather more voluptuous figures.

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Travelling beyond fear


Walking into the unknown sends people in spells of tizzy. Fear has always laid its grip on our lives. Left with the diametric options of facing it or succumbing to it, people emerge either victorious or hapless. The Navhind Times spoke to people who have faced their fears head-on and O boy! What a content lot they seem to be after that.   

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