Wednesday , 23 October 2019
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Breaking Up News: Women Are Still Read Less, Seen Less, Heard Less

By Sonal Kellogg

Gender equality in the media has been an important goal, yet one that has remained elusive. But things may be slowly changing if we are to go by the findings of the Global Media Monitoring Project 2010 (GMMP 2010), which reveals that the presence of women in the media is gradually improving.

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The Benefits of Hot Oil Treatment

Long and beautiful hair is always considered as a symbol of beauty. Everybody loves to have healthy and shiny hair. But in todays busy world we seldom get time to give our hair the proper care and attention it actually requires.

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Spreading the sparkle of Diwali


Diwali, the eagerly awaited festival, is here. For many, it’s a time to take a break from a hectic work schedule and spend time with family and friends. For the young it’s an opportunity to let go of their spunky, glam side and immerse in the traditions of celebrations. ‘The Navhind Times’ speaks to a few celebrities from Goa on the festive occasion… 

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Sports Management A Serious Career Option

By Ranjana Kakodkar

One may not be a sportsman but one can surely contribute and be in the world of sport as part of the sports management team. The various events in sport like World Cup, Hockey Tournaments, Football Championship,…the list is endless…the sports enthusiast enjoy watching due to the tireless efforts of sports management team.

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For the love of a child


Comedian Agostinho has released ‘Godfather’ a tiatr which depicts the contrasting relations of the godfather. This is a story of Nicolau, a poor garbage collector working for the municipality. One day he finds a baby in the garbage bin and does not know what to do with the child.

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One festival, diverse tradition


At Diwali, the cultural diversity of Incredible India is very evident each community celebrates this festival in their unique style. While common customs like that of lighting ‘diyas’ and making beautiful rangolis are followed by all, there are many traditions that differ from place to place. The victory of good over evil is depicted in a variety of ways. The Navhind Times takes a look at some of them…

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Lighting up lives


Our busy lives may disconnect us from our family, but festivals like Diwali could help us reconnect all over again.  On the eve of Diwali, ‘The Navhind Times’ spoke to some families who are busy adding finishing touch to the ‘aakash kandils’, which they consider the best excuse to bring family members together

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For Angela Jones, Sitar is a passion

MAPUSA: Indian Classical music has always fascinated people from time to time. Many Indian gurus who have achieved excellence in India classical music because of the long hours they spend in ‘riyaz’ (practice) and the pride they have in teaching this music to those interested in learning it. It is quite rare to see foreigner’s queuing up to learn Indian classical music and earning laurels in this field.

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Nature and the Creator


Dr Susheela Fernandes has just finished showing her works at the Kala Academy’s Art Gallery. One look at some of her works and it will be hard to believe that Susheela has absolutely no formal training in drawing and painting. Barring a few works, she displays maturity and passion. Susheela’s paintings display her passion for nature and as such she has titled her exhibition ‘Nature and The Creator’.

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Springbok back in Goa

They are back to create the thrills they are known for.  They entertain the adults and the children alike. Their delightful tricks really have the children jumping and the adults applauding. ‘Springbok’, the African acrobats are now a bigger group of entertainers.

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