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Why Regional Plan Deserves Support

By Cleofato Almedia Coutinho
The Regional Plan 2021 came as a result of increasing destruction of the village landscape in Goa, fuelled by natural growth of population and Goa emerging as a second home sea side destination for the foreigners and the rich of North India.

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Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

By Dr Kasturi Desai
Most young people want to lose weight and look slim and trim but those who are skinny and bony and want to gain weight are equally frustrated. Before thinking of gaining weight one must consult a doctor and find out if weight gain is really necessary.

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Chutneys are Healthy

By Melinda Pereira Kamat
Chutney: Time: 5-10 min, Yield: 10 heaped tbsp, Ingredients: 1 wati coconut [50 g], 8 green chillies [25 g], finger sized tamarind [2 g], 1 tsp sugar, salt to taste,

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Homage to Bhupen Hazarika

By Khushwant Singh
Once Bhupen Hazarika picked me up from Delhi when I was editing ‘The Hindustan Times’ and flew me to his home town for his annual bash at Siliguri.

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Manila Musings

By Meher Castelino
Manila is a very exciting city and the capital of the Philippines. It is modern, fast paced and there are lots of sights to see in this Far East City.

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How Politics Finished the Mala Wetlands

By Nandkumar M Kamat
Politicians and politics are killing the eco sensitive urban wetlands of Goa. One can see the tragedy of the Mapusa River near the Mapusa town and the sorry state of the Sal River near Khareband, Margao, Bicholim River near the city’s bus stand, and Ponda town near the central stream.

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