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Social workers: Today’s young heroes

Social service does not require absolute commitment, it just requires a few minutes of love and care. Hearteningly, in an era driven by technology, there are a few youth driven by the sufferings of the poor and needy. NT BUZZ finds out what drives them to social service.

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More for Less!

By Marjorie Menon

If you are like me, scanning the latest fashion magazines and hoping to gain some practical style tips, you may find yourself more confused than ever. Often their “practical” style tips pertain to someone definitely in a higher tax bracket. What’s a girl to do when she needs to be able to dress for less?

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Rather an innovator than a follower be

By Tina Ann Desouza
Where we all go wrong is when we try to emulate someone. There is ‘one you’ and who is to say how ‘you’ is supposed to be. Being different makes everyone wonder whether you are in trend or not.

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