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A Bollywood Solution for Goa

By Derek Almeida
What do you do when the fighting in Goa begins to resemble the scrapping in Bigg Boss? Then you need a Sanjay Dutt or Salman Khan, or should we say a Bollywood solution.

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So You can Dance

By Jaydip Majumder
Movement is something we are all born with. If we can coordinate that with creatively we can manage our sorrows, and sometimes even trauma. The end result is improvement of our lives.

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By Fr Hilario Fernandes
Soon we will be celebrating the 84th death anniversary of Ven Fr Agnelo de Souza. He died on November 20, 1927. He was just 59, but he lived a life focused on God.

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Youth Speak on Spending

By Yashodhara Roy
The youth today obviously spend more than the previous generations. Is this because of increasing wants or is it just that the needs of today’s generation are greater.

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The Secret of Luscious Lips

By Aroona Reejhsinghani
Everyone loves beautiful glowing lips in radiant faces, but what is the secret of beautiful lips? How do you get star quality lips?

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Urmila Mense A Force to Reckon

Maria Fernandes

I want to be the World Champ in table tennis," says Urmila Mense our star of the week very honestly. This coming from one so young, sounds lofty but Urmila’s achievements in the field of table tennis proves it is very possible that she will achieve this goal that she has planned for herself. Just 11 but she has a long list of achievements to her credit and seems to be adding more every few months.

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I am not a Bear

though koalas look like teddy bears and are sometimes even referred to as koala bears, they are not bears. Koalas and most other marsupials live in Australia and neighbouring islands.

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On top of the world

Temba Tsheri Sherpa, was the youngest person to have climbed Mount Everest, until Jordan Romero scaled it on May 22, 2010.He had always dreamed of climbing Mount Everest. Now as the tallest mountain in the world loomed in front of the 16-year-old, all Temba could think about was surviving the 8,850-meter climb to the top. This was his second attempt.

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