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Not a matter of Majority

This writer wishes to make a few suggestions with respect to the democracy in India for the consideration of our distinguished parliamentarians and intelligentsia. In no way he means to criticise any democratic institution or functionary, whether based on any specific incident or otherwise. The primacy and supremacy of the parliament in unquestionable and should remain so.

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The Maker of India

An ordinary man with extraordinary vision, Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya (December 25, 1861– November 12, 1946) was a nation builder, who rendered manifold services to the nation in his pure, serene, simple and selfless life. He was an educational pioneer, a silver-tongued orator, a national leader, a four-time Congress president, a social reformer, a religious leader of secular order, a fiery journalist/editor, and above all a great patriot. As a mark of its respect, during his later years, the whole Indian nation addressed him as ‘Mahamana’ meaning Most Respected. Mahatma considered him as an elder brother and would refer to him as "Maker of India"

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People’s High: 75 years of commendable existence

Education liberates, so say our scriptures. From the gurukul days of studying under the banyan tree to the present information age, the teacher and pupil, the process of learning, exploring, the excitement and going to school have found no substitute. From a humble beginning, in 1936, rose an institution that today is in its 75th year of existence and boasts of imparting education to Goans with a conviction and belief that "the school and we are one, what we are the race shall be".

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Analysis of a Slap

True, corruption has increased and price rise has rendered the common man helpless, but can we justify the slapping of political and social leaders? The Gandhian way of thinking is definitely opposed to any kind of violence. Such drastic measures could have flourished due to frustration or hunger for publicity

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Become Stress-free, with Ease

By Sadhguru

When I first came to the United States, wherever I went, I heard people talking about stress management. We manage our families, our money, our property, our businesses – we manage whatever is valuable to us. Why would anybody manage stress?

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Control Cholesterol

Most of the cholesterol found in the body is produced by the liver. But it is supplemented up by the food we eat. It is essential for individuals above forty to do regular blood tests for cholesterol

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Three Days in Prague

Prague is not Venice, but it is one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe. Baroque architecture dominates, but there are many other elements. And in the central districts, almost everywhere you look, there’s a beautiful cathedral or palace or street of historic homes

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Crescent Tailors: A Name to Reckon with

Crescent Tailors, now situated near the Head Post Office was once upon a time a name to reckon with in tailoring. Started sometime in 1931 by Caitaninho Constancio Francisco Dias at Rua Enidio Garcia, Corte de Orteiro, today it is run by his son Eustaquio Dias. Famous at one time for stitching suits, Crescent Tailors was indeed well known. Cedric Silveira spent time with Eustaquio to learn something about tailoring in the past

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A Tribute to Lynn Margulis

Professor at the Department of Geosciences at University of Massachusetts, Lynn Margulis’ life and work should serve as a model for all aspiring women biologists. Lynn is known for her contributions to endosymbiotic theory, which explains the origin of organelles such as mitochondria and plastids in eukaryotic cells. She presented a perfect model of a self confident American working mother, a working scientist prepared to defend her scientific beliefs despite criticism and controversies. Biologist Lynn Margulis, wife of world famous astronomer, Carl Sagan breathed her last on November 22. She was 73

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