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Wrinkled Fingers

OUR fingers tend to wrinkle or swell when dipped in water for long. But why does this happen?
Our skin secretes an oily substance called ‘sebum.’ Sebum is generated within the cells in the sebaceous glands and gets secreted on the bursting of these cells.

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Blood Shooting

The Short-horned Lizard (Phrynosoma hernandesi) is a small lizard that lives in North America. This creature is best known for having one of the weirdest defensive mechanisms among all animals and that is its ability to shoot blood from its eyes.

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Inspired from Life

Actor, filmmaker and a theatre personality, Anupam Kher has now added another feather to his cap, that of author.  Kher’s is not an autobiography but a self help book solely inspired from his life. In a conversation with NT BUZZ he spoke about his book, his inspiration and his new Malayalam film for which he won an award

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The creative and mysterious art of batik

If you love mystery and do not look out for a distinct result then batik method is your style. It is one of the oldest forms of technique on cloth that has survived the passage of time due to its distinct quality. NT BUZZ spoke to artist, print maker and textile specialist, Rani Sarin to get more details

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Indo-German confluence concert: Day 1

By Dr Luis Dias

Ulf Klausenitzer and Hartmut Krause, violins

Rüdiger Clauss, violon cello

Lin Lin Fan, piano


The concert on January 16 at the Kala Academy flagged off a week-long Musikfest celebrating 60 years of Indo-German friendship and the golden jubilee of Goa’s liberation.

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Moda Goa: looking beyond fashion

Designer, Wendell Rodricks, who loves to showcase Goa in the best possible manner, has now compiled and documented a book of history titled ‘Moda Goa - History and Style’ that looks at the life and times in the state in eras prior to colonialism, with costume history being the connecting thread.

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Hadar Rimon to perform in city

Israeli violin virtuoso Hadar Rimon and pianist Natasha Tadsonare on a concert tour of India. Music lovers in Goa have the unique opportunity to hear this mother-daughter duo of Natasha Tadson and Hadar Rimon on January 23 at 6.30 p.m. at Kala Academy. In this exclusive interview for NT BUZZ, Hadar Rimon discusses her life and career with Dr Luis Dias

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Fall in Love with the Galgibaga Parish

By Tony Martin

The most important thing about any parish is not a majestic church or a famous choir, but the warmth, solidarity and devotion of the families who make up the congregation. It is this spirit of kinship that sets apart the St Anthony’s Parish in distant Galgibaga, Canacona.

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