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Down Memory Lane

By Joe Mascarenhas
Let me take you back to the 70s, to those good old days. In Mapusa there used to be a nice small house just, before the steep slope, called Casa Bella. It served the most delicious Goan snacks and spirits.

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Addressing the Daughter Deficit

By Syeda Hameed
This, of course, is easier said than done, given that honour is hardly in evidence in most families when daughters are born. In May 2010, Prime Minister, Mr Manmohan Singh had entrusted the Planning Commission with two tasks related to children.

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Inter-Caste Marriages Tear Families Apart

By Seema Chowdhury
“Girls are not supposed to speak their mind,” Aastha says. “My parents were totally against me marrying Vivan, who belonged to another caste.” Aastha, 39, who requested her full name not be used, says her father no longer speaks to her because she married a man from a different background six years ago.

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An Indo-Anglican Memento

By M J Raju
In the Dum Dum suburb of Calcutta, in a derelict condition, lies the country house of Robert Clive — the founder of the British Empire in India. The Clive House was a villa reconstructed by Robert Clive (1725-74), just after his famous victory at Plassey in 1757.

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Perfect Match

By Marilia Priyanka Fernandes
Will he change once we’re married? How do I know if she’s telling the truth? I wish he would listen more to me. I wish she would stop talking so much. I hope he won’t keep his legs on the table like his father.

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Remarkable Island

Kangaroo Island, 15 km off from the coast of South Australia, is more than an island destination you discover, on landing at the tiny airport of Kingscote disgorging from a petite Regional Express plane holding just 30 odd passengers.

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