Wednesday , 13 November 2019
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A recycled island

The Art escape (Goa) and Positive Nett-Works (Germany) had organised an interactive presentation on ‘Let’s build an island out of waste and float it’. It was introduced by German Artist, Joy Lohmann.

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A Different Time

By Zinnia Fernandes

I look outside the window pane

Everything is getting soaked in the rain

I recall what was it like,

During the previous year at this time

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Shraavani Nayak: The world’s a stage

Maria Fernandes
She is only 14, but Shraavani Nayak has already bagged more than 550 awards. Acting, Bharatnatyam, singing, fancy dress, storytelling, chanting shlokas and much more, this standard IX student of AJ De Almeida School, Ponda, is an all-rounder.

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Love thy animals

My favourite toy as a baby was my stuffed seal ‘Misty’. I couldn’t sleep without it and used it to comfort me in moments I was sad. It was my companion for a long time.

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Humans Stray First…Then Animals!

We have stray cats and dogs, cattle, foxes, rabbits, peacocks, snakes, monkeys...even stray whales, dolphins and turtles on our beaches.  Of these only stray cats and dogs do not have a home or habitat of their own.

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Arfa Karim Randhawa

A beacon of hope, Arfa Karim Randhawa from Pakistan, was a child prodigy who at the age of nine became the world`s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional.

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The Potion of Eternity

Count Drunkula Von D’eth, Transylvanian Vampire and secret agent for Wizard Organisation Worldwide (WOW), has been given a mission to die for.

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Wrinkled Fingers

OUR fingers tend to wrinkle or swell when dipped in water for long. But why does this happen?
Our skin secretes an oily substance called ‘sebum.’ Sebum is generated within the cells in the sebaceous glands and gets secreted on the bursting of these cells.

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Blood Shooting

The Short-horned Lizard (Phrynosoma hernandesi) is a small lizard that lives in North America. This creature is best known for having one of the weirdest defensive mechanisms among all animals and that is its ability to shoot blood from its eyes.

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‘The Best Thing about you is You’ makes Goa launch

Wednesday evening at a city mall was buzzing with activities as an army of stars descended at the book store there. The evening was dedicated to the launch of Anupam Kher’s debut book ‘The Best Thing about you is You.’

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