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Kurio City

Honesty is the Best Policy!

In the remote village of Sattari, two good friends Pinky and Sweety, studied in the same school. Being the best of friends was the best thing they liked and going to school together every morning was even more fun.

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FOOD: The sincerest of all loves

By Thandie Barretto
I remember the first time my daddy taught me to make a simple bread pudding. I remember every single step and the tips he gave me. That was the day I discovered my love for cooking. I was around twelve at that time.

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Conserving Goa’s art

“Art restoration is a multi-disciplinary activity and it is not related to art alone. If you revive your art and heritage, it will import tourism, the crafting community will flourish and will play an important role in urban development,” says Anupam Sah, Head of Art Conservation, Research and Training, CSMVS Museum Art Conservation Centre, Mumbai.

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