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Dempo’s NSS camp concludes

S S Dempo College of Commerce and Economics, Altinho, Panaji organised the valedictory function of their annual NSS camp.
Sarpanch of Faterpa, Quitol was the Chief Guest while secretary of Shri Shantadurga Bumipurush Saptkoteshwar Devasthan, Faterpa,

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Of crushes and daydreams

By Jahnavi Samant
There is nothing really more annoying than having your crush smile at you and not knowing whether it’s because they find you or the person walking behind you cute.

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The Goddess of the Hunt Captures her Prey

Astronomy is one of the most futuristic and high-tech sciences in the world. To go into space we need advanced rockets, to explore new worlds we need unbelievably complex probes and to look at distant objects we need powerful telescopes.

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Skills to build your life

“Children are like sponge, they soak in to what they are exposed to. So, it is important to guide and monitor them when they are young,” says Shanon Calderia, Centre Director, Goa,

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A Slave to the Confederate

By Nolan Mascarenhas
Surrender to the ‘Black Flag’ 
The Civil War is over and the slaves are free but that doesn’t stop you from being prey and slave to the new Confederate’s P120 Fighter commonly known as the ‘Black Flag’.

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Students learn to enjoy their adolescence

The fact that adolescence is a short stage of development spanning only seven to eight years of life, yet, how we cope with this stage greatly affects who we become as adults – was the main point stressed on at the interactive workshop titled ‘Making the best of Adolescence’ organised by Goa College of Home Science, Panaji in association with State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Goa.

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