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International Mother Language Day celebrated

Promoting linguistic and cultural diversity, the International Mother Language  Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Kendriya Vidyalaya INS Mandovi on February 21, 2015. A total of 110 students took part in a variety of activities like quiz, group song, making placards, speakers introducing the language. The enthusiastic participation by the students added colour to the day making it a …

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Space Pirates Dig Up Cosmic Booty

Astronomers could be called the pirates of the sky; they explore new worlds and search for valuable information as loot. This new picture shows the kind of haul all space-pirates dream of — a treasure chest full of cosmic gems!

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Where will a career in Psychology take you?

When you talk about a career in psychology what comes to mind mostly is a clinical psychologist or counsellor. With the counsellor a common feature in schools, high schools and even colleges their job requires no formal introduction. They play a pivotal role in helping students in different spheres of their lives and their role is gaining importance with the …

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Big, bold, and full of fetch quests

By Alaistair J D’ Souza Dragon Age: Inquisition at its core is a race to unify a nation torn between its religious and political beliefs just in time to stop a common enemy that threatens the existence of all.

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BY MEHER CASTELINO Nothing is noticed first on a woman’s face more than her lips. The lips speak a language all their own and it is the lips that are the centre of attraction after the eyes on a woman’s face.

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