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‘A dialogue with truth’

It was a colleague of artiste, Hanuman Kambli who inspired him to delve on the topic ‘A dialogue with truth’ as a subject for a discussion at Sunapranta Centre of Art, Altinho, recently. The artiste himself got down to explaining, how it all happened.  

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Which restaurant does one patronize? It all depends on the food. Especially ‘When-it’s’ tasty. Introducing Venite’s…no that would be the wrong word, Venite needs no introduction.

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Audio Reviews

by J P Pereira
 Billy Vaughn
In the good old days of the radio, Billy Vaughn was a favourite. On every programme of western music broadcast, the All india Radio, Panaji always played at least one track of this great musician. In the later years, try as you might, there were no recordings from this musician available at the music shops.

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Trilogy at KA

The Kala Academy will host a festival of three Hindi plays at the DMK hall of Kala Academy at 6.30 p.m today. The plays enacted by Kala Academy’s Rangamel group, will present a reflection of society.

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Vijaya Mehta, eminent theatre personality will grace the occasion of the celebration of World Theatre Day on March 27 at 6.30 p.m. at the Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir. 

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A stamp of the ocean


Mr Ramesh Veluskar, a name synonymous with Goa’s literary world, has added another feather to his hat – his latest book of Hindi poems titled, ‘Samudramudrika’.

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Its summer time… Its water sports time


There was a time when Goans simply loved their beaches where they went to relax and unwind with their families. But bronzing themselves on the beaches no longer holds the same appeal to the Goans as it used to decades ago. There has been a shift in their outlook.

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Expedition to Malvan


Gone are the days when people would while their time away at home. The new generation seeks adventure and embraces the need to explore the world.

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