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Dildaar streak continues…


Salman Khan’s a "really sweet" guy. At least, a few of his young fans seem to think so.

The group in question were club-hopping and had stopped to eat at a suburban restaurant when they spotted Salman Khan at around 2.45 am, strolling in along with sister Alvira and brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri and an all-male entourage and end up at their corner.

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Gups and Guy’s guys team up

Tushar Joshi

It’s a fan’s dream come true. And Sanjay Gupta couldn’t be happier. The director is getting to meet Guy Ritchie and work with his crew.

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Beep! beep! Horn OK Please …make way for Nucleya’s Udyan Sagar

Nucleya is creating new inroads in Bollywood’s remix culture. Nucleya’s Udyan Sagar aims at pushing Bollywood music onto the international dance music charts by inventing a cutting-edge blend of new-generation electronic music and evergreen Bollywood musical hits.

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Paltadcho Munis fares well but…

By Sachin Chatte

Robert Koehler of the popular American magazine Variety said: “As impressive for its humility as it is for its storytelling confidence. Few, if any, Indian films have recently enjoyed a better festival run.” Without a shred of doubt the accolades it has received are unparalleled in the history of Konkani cinema.

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Lens Chic

By Banalata Bipani

If eyes are the mirror to the soul, we’re sure you’d want yours to appear colourful. And if this philosophical reason doesn’t impress you much, you could don coloured contact lenses just to catch people’s eye!

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First ever ancient Sculpture of God Indra found at Bicholim

Last year, Devidas alias Dada Sainekar, the priest of the temple of Shri Chamundeshwari in Vargao, Bicholim had informed local historians that many years ago the locals of Pilar had placed a sculpture of Shri Parshuram in the temple tank of Shri Chamundeshwari.

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Nurturing young Picassos

Once again the veranda of the Gonsalves Mansion is buzzing with life! It is fizzing with paints, colours, brushes, easels, canvases and young murmurs! Heritage Jazz in association with eminent artists, Unnati Singh and Salvador Fernandes have organised a 4-day painting workshop for underprivileged kids from the St Inez Bandh.

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