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Healing of self by self

Many of us suffer from mental disorders due to distress, delusion and hallucination, fear, guilt, etc.  Since we do not know how to deal with it we tend to suppress and ignore them.

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Appreciating cinema

Gone are the days when watching a film was just pastime or weekend getaway. A new trend sees film buffs coming together to analyse, discuss and dissect films on a public platform.

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Keeping a tradition alive


 With ‘Chovoth’ drawing near artisans have got busy making Ganesh idols.

Take for example Jayant Natekar from Khorlim or the 90-year-old Sonu Natekar from Mapusa. Except for the painting Sonu has almost completed work on the idols of the ‘Naag’ that will be worshipped for Nagpanchami.

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Ahhh Feijoada!!!!

Sunita Rodricks of Ahh Goa recommends…

Feijoadais a typical Portuguese dish…a stew. It is also typical of other former Portuguese colonies Brazil, Angola and even Goa. In Brazil feijoada is considered the national dish, which was brought to South America by the Portuguese, based in ancient Feijoada recipes from the Portuguese regions of Beira, Estremadura and Tras-os-Montes.

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Remembering a leading Goan Educationist

Prof Vinaik Givaji Matmó, was a genius teacher and a visionary educationist, who established Instituto de Instrução, one of the first schools in the city, which was popularly known as ‘Mhatmyale School’ or Mahatme’s School.

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The 20 Point Sartorial Plan

It is believed that men who are consistently uninterested in clothes are considered paranoid. It is their subconscious way of saying that they don’t want to rock the boat, or don’t want to make waves. They feel that if they don’t look good they won’t be noticed.

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Don’t waste your waste!

In this life whatever is created has to degrade and whatever degrades gets created again in a new form. It is the law of nature and is relevant to everything, even to our waste.

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