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Masci’s Corner – Fit for an Emperor

Chef Pradhan of Goenchin recommends
Chinese imperial food dates back to slave society. Ever since there were emperors and palaces, there has been imperial food, which was served mainly to the emperors, their wives and concubines, and the royal families.

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Samraat Sangeet Sitara finals on August 1

The finals of the annual Samraat Sangeet Sitara singing competition organised by the Samraat Club International, in association with the directorate of art and culture will be held at the Dinanath Mangueshkar Kala Mandir, Kala Academy, on August 1, at 10 a. m.

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Bhai Bhai Love

Film Review By Sachin Chatte

Film: Once upon a time in Mumbaai
Cast: Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, Kangana Ranaut

Directed by: Milan Lutharia

Duration: 134 minutes

Rating: * *

The underworld gangsters are back. But unlike most of those films that were set in the 90’s, Milan Lutharia’s ‘Once upon a time in Mumbaai’ rewinds back to the 70’s, the early days of organised crime that made the likes of Haji Mastaan famous.

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Fifty Years of ‘The Pill’

By Elayne Clift

Fifty-years-ago, on May 9, 1960, something happened in the US that changed women's lives forever: the US Food and Drug Administration approved a revolutionary contraceptive technology, known now simply as "the pill".

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Online friends….


It is that time of the year again when your email and mobile phone inboxes will be flooded with Friendship Day messages portraying cute thoughts of being friends forever.

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Towards Mitigating Greenhouse Gases

As part of an environment awareness program, a student’s climate change sensitisation, action and outreach exposition, “The Heat is on - Together Let’s Kool It”, was held at the Seminary of Our Lady recently with the technical support of Science and Technology Council and Goa Energy Development Agency.

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Chef Zelma Xavier of Cidade de Goa recommends

All you people who love sweets…here is a dessert for you and with medicinal benefits too. A single chunk of jaggery is said to be able to cure coughs, asthma, indigestion, migraines and even fatigue. It purifies you blood, regulates liver functions and prevents rheumatic afflictions.

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A Green Twist

A tree is one of nature’s most wondrous creations. From the Vedic times, the sages worshipped it. The tree is a symbol of bounty that arises from the very womb of the Earth.  Big Foot, Loutolim propagates social message through different occasions.

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