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‘Being a decent human counts in life’

“Being a decent human being with better education is what mainly counts. The rest is all secondary” was the message Mr Rajdeep Sardesai, editor-in-chief, CNN-IBN news channel, gave the students of Sharada Mandir School at their annual award ceremony event at Kala Academy, on Friday.

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Pics by Krishna Divkar

Thriller girl Mugdha Godse ecstatic about her latest film ‘Help’ Gladrags Mega Model Hunt 2002 to the Miss India contest to modelling to finally acting Mugdha Godse has come a long way. Mugdha shot to fame with her debut Hindi film ‘Fashion’ in which she played the role of a struggling model.

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Exotic Jewellery Facials

By Aroona Reejhsinghani
These days every beauty parlours and cosmetic company are advertising cosmetics and facials which contain such exotic ingredients as diamonds, pearls, gold and silver.

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Not from Manchu

Chef Dhruv Pal of Fishermans Wharf recommends
Many dishes originated from Manchu cuisine, which is North-eastern Chinese cuisine…Popular dishes are noodles and steamed bun, pork and chive dumplings, and nian doubao (sticky rice buns with sweet bean filling).

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