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The blend of global music sounds

Sandhya Sanjana mesmerised the audience at Goa Chitra last weekend. As part of the ongoing Great Music Revival series, Goa Chitra presented Indo-jazz fusion diva Sandhya Sanjana live in concert with her band ‘Random Access Melody’ featuring Vishnu Prabhu on the bansuri, Bob Tinker on the trumpet, Xavier Peres on the keyboards, Colin D’Cruz on bass and Dennis Coelho on drums.

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A new lease of life

The Mahalaxmi Ravalnath temple at Cudem, which is around 500-year-old, has strong historical importance. Thus, to maintain its heritage, the villagers of Cudem recently renovated this temple, maintaining its aesthetics to the maximum.

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It is all about being fair and lovely

By Perin Ilavia
Hysteria and marketing techniques go hand in hand with a woman’s desire, around the world, and especially in India, for a fairer complexion.
Why do you want to be fair? You can look lovely even if you are dark skinned.

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‘Consume medicines rationally’

A function was held at the Goa College of Pharmacy to mark the centenary celebrations of the Hindu Pharmacy, which is located in the heart of the Panaji. The professor and head, department of clinical pharmacology, Seth G S medical college and KEM hospital, Mumbai, Dr Urmila Thatte delivered the keynote address to the audience.

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The creative quartet

By Naguesh Rao Sardessai
‘Heterogeneous Visions’ is an interesting show currently on at the ‘Art Chamber’ in Calangute. This is a group show with four Orissa born artistes who are based in Bengaluru. Sanjeeb Samant, Rajendra Nayak, Pradeep Patra and Sudhir Meher will display their creations on canvas and silk.

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Film Reviews

by Sachin Chatte

Once Upon a Time in the West

 Film: True Grit

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld

Directed by: Ethan and Joel Coen

Duration: 108 mins

Rating: * * * *

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Career Leap

By Ranjana Kakodkar

I am an architect and would like a job in the government. Could you tell which department would suit me best?

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Common Weight Loss Mistakes

By Aroona Reejhsinghani

Many people do not lose the excess weight because they commit many mistakes while trying to lose weight and this takes them to the brink of frustration. Below are some of the common mistakes people make while dieting.

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‘Goa provides me with a wide creative space’


Sudhir Kakar’s latest book, ‘A Book of Memories: Confessions and Reflections’ was recently released at a function in Dona Paula. Out on the lawns and amidst the cosy ambience, avid readers listened raptly to Sudhir Kakar’s enlightening and informative talk. Kakar, a psychoanalyst, spoke about past lives, regression and much more  

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A tryst with the unexpected


Would you call the extraordinary or the unexpected a miracle? Are miracles obvious happenings that come along once in a while or do they transpire so very subtly at every second of our life? Are miracles a matter of inner belief or are they experiential?

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