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A place to call home

It is sometime at three in the afternoon, and the children at the Margaret Bosco Bal Sadan (MBBS), Paliem- Ucassaim huddle together watching a movie.

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Fogs that Cloud the Mind

By Dr Ida Rose Miller Mukherjee
Every one of us feels sad one time or the other; some time there are reasons sometimes not. This is normal provided one recovers within a short time.

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Eco Friendly Glamour

By Meher Castelino
Fashion is moving away from cotton and silk and now going into the rayon and viscose path, with yarns fibres like Tencel and Modal being favoured for garments in India for their eco-friendly nature.

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12 models to battle it out for the coveted Mr Goa 2011crown

NRB Kaleidoscope has announced the top 12 finalists for the Mr Goa 2011 –model hunt. The top 12 finalists for the Mr Goa 2011 model hunt are Nishiket Kundaikar, Akbar Rajwani, Puneet Sharma, Mcenroy Dias, Rupesh Naik, Akshay Puranik, Gaurang Patkar, Pramod Naik, Pradosh Kamat, Nazim Barkatali, Sidhant Naik, and Suraj Sawaikar. Terrill Cardozo has been selected as the standby contestant.

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Goa Marathi Film Festival to commence on June 3

The fourth Goa Marathi Film Festival will open on June 3 at DMK hall of Kala Academy, Panaji at 6 p.m. Veteran actor, Vikram Gokhale will inaugurate this festival, Speaker, Pratapsing Rane will be the guest of honour and Chief Minister, Digamkar Kamat will preside over the function.

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‘Accidents hurt, safety doesn’t’


In January 2011, 487 accidents were reported, in February 400 and March 370. Of these figures, a 108 people lost their lives while 82 were grievously injured. These are just the statistics revealed by the Goa Traffic Police for three months in Goa.

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Look Your Best Always

By Aroona Reejhsinghani

When you are sick, your skin turns dull and sallow. Your lips peel and crack. You would not like to be seen even dead in this condition, so this is what you should do to look presentable.

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Goa Chitra pays tribute to the ‘Render’ (toddy tapper) on International Museum Day

International museum day was celebrated with a special reverence to the coconut tree and the toddy tapper, ‘render’, at Goa Chitra. Visitors were welcomed to an array of coconut related trades like palm leaf weaving (mol’lam korop), broom making (saren korop), rope making (razu korop), coconut rafter making (vanxe korop) being demonstrated.  

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Before You Abandon Your PC

By M J Raju

Some time back, when I went to one of my friend’s house, he had just sold his old computer to his computer dealer and the new one was being installed.

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