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Jazz Trilogy at Goa Chitra

As part of the ongoing series of music revival and an attempt to raise funds for the museum, Goa Chitra presents on March 20, a trilogy of jazz, dance and visual display called “Come to Your Senses”. A palette of colourful visuals will be screened to go to the beats of a live band, “Jazz Junction”. Matching her body to this rhythm is Marion Urvan with her global contemporary dance performance.

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The Persian Influence

Uzbek, Sushi and Mediterranean…food from that particular region. Yes, little is known about this colourful restaurant on the beach at Ashvem where the warmth of the couple running it, Roz and Joy embraces the guests. Oh yes…while there was heavy security for the Princess Ashi Khaendhum Dorji of Bhutan in Mumbai, she literally made the place her home even venturing into the kitchen to prepare the national dish of Bhutan…A’ma Dafse. We tried it - a cheese and chilly bean preparation - we loved it.

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The Hidden Gems of Goa

History of Goa:
The interiors of this tiny state of Goa have immense cultural and heritage treasure troves. These sites interest archaeologists, anthropologists and historians alike.   

The talukas of Salcette, Tiswadi and Bardez are called as the ‘Old Conquests’ of the Portuguese colonial rule. The Sahyadhri Khand refers Goa as ‘Gomantak’.

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Goa-Velha set for famous Procession of Saints

On the fifth Monday of Lent, every year thousands of people flock from different parts of Goa and the world to the village of Goa-Velha to take part in the ‘world famous penitential procession of Saints’. The procession is lead by the ‘Tau’ and the crossed arms- symbol of the Franciscan order followed by all other images. The procession ends with the ‘Veil of Veronica’ that is carried by the priest in his hands and covered by a canopy and guarded by the confraria members.

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Publishing house for academicians launched

“A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face.  It is one of the few havens remaining where a man's mind can get both provocation and privacy.”  - Edward P Morgan, an American journalist and writer who reported for newspapers, radio, and television media services including ABC, CBS, and PBS networks.

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GOA: Sun, Sand and Possibilities

Goa comes under the Western Ghats region, a unique and fragile ecosystem along the west coast of India that has been under immense pressure in recent years from the unsustainable development. This 1600 km long mountainous stretch forms the entrance to the annual monsoon to the country, offers the best of sea-beaches in this part of the world and represents a hotspot of biodiversity. In fact, the Western Ghats has more than 4000 types of plants, 508 bird species, 121 species of frogs, 87 species of snakes, 63 types of lizards, 6 types of turtles /terrapins and a wide variety of large mammals.

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Ancient sciences come alive at Sereno Spa

For centuries, people all over the world have created sacred spaces for ceremonies and retreats – places away from the outside world, focusing upon the highest ideals – wholeness, healing and peace.  Spread over 36,000 sq. ft, Sereno Spa at Park Hyatt Goa is a complete wellness Spa destination, designed to offer holistic treatments with a blend of unique therapies inspired by Ayurvedic and yogic traditions.

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Travelling exhibition on astronomy arrives in Goa

Do you know that it takes eight minutes for the sun rays to fall upon the Earth? The atmosphere on Earth is proportionately thinner than the skin on an apple and a teaspoonful of the Neutron would weigh more than the weight of all the people on Earth.

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As the French say…’l’Orange’

The Orange…what’s so unique about this place? Location, yes in the heart of Candolim. Ambience is bright and cheerful. Overall experience? Yes that is what I am going to let you know, a ‘unique experience’ promoted by Asheen Lobo and Joe Dias…guarnteed to keep you ‘young’ at heart.

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