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Farmers’ clubs: Down on numbers, up on Zest

Farmers’ clubs, once started with the sole purpose of pooling resources and expertise, are taking a back seat with over 40 of the 79 listed clubs becoming inactive. The movement spread in the initial years but dwindled for several reasons, writes MICHAEL FISHER

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Baking it young!

Baker’s Street at Porvorim has steadily gained in popularity. Its mouth-watering cheese cakes and doughnuts have now become a craze. But what’s more interesting than its tempting pastries, is the owner Mr Gilroy D’Souza, who is surprisingly only 21, writes JASON SOARES

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Their days are numbered

Another primary vocation is set to bite the dust, as high security registration plates when installed will wipe out traditional makers of vehicle number plates

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Longuinhos restaurant: 62 not out!

Longuinhos has been around for 62 years, bringing smiles to thousands of customers, who have been coming day after day to relish their favourite dishes, be it Goan, continental or even Indian

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Keeping a dramatic legacy alive

By Erwin Fonseca | B&C

Mapusa has always been a hub for dramatists and theatre personalities. Many of them have excelled as artists and have brought laurels for the state in the past.

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Socialising with alcohol

By Michael Fisher | B&C

Once upon a time in the days of yore, community clubs, particularly in Panaji and Margao, were the talk of the town. The clubs such as Vasco Da Gama and Clube Nationale in Panaji and Clube Harmonia and BPS would organise weekend family functions.

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Goa Roads: Taking the kick out of driving

One in every fourth household in Goa pocesses a four-wheeler. Around 75,534 vehicles were registered last year itself. To add to this, nearly every vehicle manufacturer has set shop in the state, thereby giving a wide choice to the consumers. But the irony is there aren’t enough broad roads to use them at tops speeds.

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Big cars, no top speeds

Mr Surendra Furtado, corporator, CCP, Panaji: “I drive a Toyota Fortuner as it is spacious and seats seven to eight people. Mostly the driver drives it because of the parking problem and I use it only on Saturday or Sundays.

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‘These are times to dream and fly high’

Q: What do you think of today’s eye doctors?
A: Eye doctors have an important role to play for treating the ailments of eyes but eye sight correction (refraction) can be done by a qualified optometrist who only checks the eye sight and gives the prescription of power needed for spectacles.

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