Thursday , 27 February 2020
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Printing a success story

Mr Prakash M Gawas’ journey from a paan shop owner to a businessman is a story of entrepreneurship and hard work.

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Fields everywhere but no workers

By Roque Dias | B&C

Agriculturists in Salcete seem to be grappling with a labour crises. Many locals, instead of getting their hands dirty, venture in search of better salaries and prefer white collar jobs in industries and companies, while many others seek greener pastures abroad.

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How to Compute Capital Gains

Profits or gains arising from transfer of a capital asset made in a previous year are taxable as capital gains under the head "Capital Gains". The important ingredients for capital gains are, therefore, existence of a capital asset, transfer of such capital asset and profits or gains that arise from such transfer.

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Changing face of Panaji’s only high street

By Michael Fisher | B&C

The new generation might ask how the area near the old High Court turned into Panaji’s high street with single brand retail shops? To old timers, this area was always bustling with business activity. There was a time when bullock carts would unload goods here and boats docked near Abbe Faria statue.

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Lights, camera, extras!

By Shoma Patnaik | B&C

It is boom time for acting aspirants wanting to take roles as extras with a number of film shootings increasing significantly

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Bicycle: Geared for a comeback

By Joao Sousa M | B&C

Since man invented the wheel, transportation has undergone a sea of change. But remarkably, the humble ubiquitous bicycle has stood the test of time and still remains a cheap and efficient mode of transport.

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Goa IT needs a virus scan

Mr A Desai, a Goan who became the chairman of NASCOM (an IT decision-making body), was thrilled when he was knitted into the IT industry in April 1999. But Goa did not grab the opportunity that they could get from his appointment.

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GITIC tying down talent

Goa Information Technology Innovation Centre (GITIC), established by the Department of Industries and GCCI, is the only platform for IT graduates becoming entrepreneurs. GITIC director, Mr Ashton Souza explains to B&C the scope and benefits laid out for young entrepreneurs to kick-start their business.

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Grovemark: Staying ahead despite setbacks

If you fail to achieve a goal, will you resort to finding an excuse for failure or strive to continue finding ways to succeed and tell your success story?  Even a handicap cannot be used as an excuse.

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‘Our products are aimed at foreign markets’

The Grovemark rise to fortune is among the most remarkable stories to have emerged from Verna Industrial Estate. It started in the late 80s in Mumbai when Ms Urmila Grover with her three kids blended home-made cosmetics and sold the products to beauty parlours.

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