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For a quick bite

If you happen to be one of those people who are either studying or have passed out from any of the Mapusa-based educational institutions, chances are you may have visited Babaji Cold Drinks at least once.

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Coconut industry on a climb-down

The state’s coconut industry has been witnessing a downward trend in recent times. Coconut growers complain that a measly support price for their produce does not earn them much returns, with coconut traders and merchants gobbling up a major share of the profits.  Also, a lack of interest among today’s youth in taking coconut plucking is a cause for concern, writes Michael Fisher

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Printing blues

Blueprint printing is carried out only by a handful of printers as it requires a special blue-line machine for the job. Team B&C visits Classic Prints in Panaji to watch the process. 

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Understanding co-pay in health insurance plans

By Deepak Yohannan
As the inexorable rise in health costs continues unabated, health insurance plans are increasingly introducing the aspect of co-pay. As with deductibles and co-insurance, co-pay or co-payment is a method through which the insurer requires the insured to share in the overall healthcare costs.

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