Tuesday , 19 November 2019
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Manerkar: One stop shop!

Some shops become as famous as the cities to which they belong to. Manerkar in Panaji is one of them. Started way back in 1880, the store is now run by the fourth generation of the Manerkar family,

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A touch of glass

By Micheal Fisher | B&C

The growing demand for laboratory glassware in the Goa market is well known to Mr Merwyn Menezes, whose grandfather, the late Jose Julio Luciano Palagio Menino de Menezes started a medical equipment store in 1910 in Mapusa.

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Battle of bits, bytes and price tags

With the government sponsored cyberage schemes, the penetration of computers in Goa is the maximum, if compared to the ratio of computers to users in other states. However, the demand for assembled computers supersedes branded computers.

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Njal: bubbling with confidence

Even after 32 years of stiff competition from multinational companies, Fatorpa-based Cotyar Beverages, the proud makers of ‘Njal’, is still standing, with a presence in Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

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Amazing world of Vinsan

By Sudesh Bhosle | B&C
Being a port town, Vasco is bereft of any tourism related activities. But that didn’t stop the dynamic duo of Mr Sanjay Shetye and his brother, Mr Shripad (Vinod) Shetye, to rise from a middle class family and be a role model for Vascoites. They have catapulted themselves by expanding their business from a small hotel-cum-restaurant.

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Savour the delicacies

By Ramnath Pai Raikar | B&C
Traditions like resolutions, it is said, are often broken. And this holds true today, especially with no time available at one’s disposal. The tradition of preparing sweetmeats and savories linked to culture by the local ‘Khajekar’ or the maker of sweets during Ganesh Chaturthi has almost vanished, along with the now-almost-extinct breed of Khajekars.

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It’s an art, not business

For the Kumbhar community of Bicholim, moulding clay Ganesh idols is a tradition that has been passed over generations. It is an art where recognition is the reward.

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Switch on the lights!

An architectural masterpiece is always incomplete without the proper effect of lighting. It adds to the charm and grandeur of the edifice.
But lighting doesn’t come cheap.

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Taste of the Mediterranean

Lately one of the most noticed change seen in our everyday food preparation is the use of imported olive oil. Time was when only affluent Goans used it in their meals. Today it occupies a niche space in many kitchen shelves with even middle class moms keeping a 500 ml bottle of it handy for any time use.  

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