Thursday , 14 November 2019
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Is car insuance mandatory and why?

By Deepak Yohannan

Most of us are aware that motor insurance policies are mandatory in India. That is why a `6 lakh car is definitely insured while the person sitting behind the wheel may or may not be! However, many are not aware what type of policy is mandatory in India and why!

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Bright as a lantern

By Shoma Patnaik | B&C

With just about a week to go for the festival of lights, it is busy time for Mr Vinayak Desai who runs a small shop in the bylanes of Panaji market. At all times of the year he sells a variety of thermocol ornamentation, silver ribbons and party festoons. But come Diwali, his small non-descriptive store is transformed into a fairy land of bright lights as numerous glowing lanterns fight for space.

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Rolling out a carpet

Prior to the 15th century, Persian carpets were treasured heirlooms passed on from one generation to the next. Today Persian carpets are replicated in many countries, including Kashmir in India.

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Sling or swing

 Team B&C

A woman’s handbag it is said is a refection of her personality. It is a “world within a world,” an entire life compacted into a limited space. Bags or even purses, it turns out play dual roles in women lives. Depending on the occasion, they add snob value, provide solace, and are nursery cupboards or sometimes treasure trove of valuables.

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An extra pair of eyes

Are you trying to find the right surveillance camera for your house? If your answer is yes, then keep trying, for the right surveillance camera is yet to be invented.

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Panaji’s home makers

By Shoma Patnaik | B&C
Ranked among the top five players of Goa’s building industry, Kamat Construction is a name that all of us are familiar with.

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“Have no intention of moving out of Goa”

 From the early years to now, how has the industry changed?
In the seventies things were different. The concept of nuclear family had yet to catch on. But slowly as the idea of a household as a compact unit emerged, newly married couples started to move out of the parental home to smaller houses.

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Goan memories on ceramic

By Jason Soares | B&C
With a rich and vibrant cultural heritage, Goa has so much to offer to the world. And when this is mixed with art, the results can be phenomenal. Marcou Artifacts seems to have found a way to do this.

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Living on the edge

By Vishant Vaze | B&C
The sudden ban in mining activities has severely impacted all mining related components and has creating a sense of panic among various stakeholders who were indirectly related to it.

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