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ARSHI cool breeze blower

ARSHI a proprietory firm is about 12 years old in Goa, but its business has a colorful history dating from mid-1970s in Lucknow to running a profitable business in Verna Goa.

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New India Assurance defeating Government’s objectives

The apex consumer commission has imposed punitive fine of Rs 10 lakh on New India Assurance for wrongly denying claims of several people. Such firms “are always at their best in defeating noble objectives of any welfare scheme” the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) bench, said.

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investor’s guide

Exercise caution in trading The stock market witnessed the second consecutive week of gains this month after receiving a massive drubbing last month. While gains registered by the Sensex and Nifty were restricted to under 1 per cent the real action was in mid-cap stocks with the CNX Mid-cap index surging 3.5 per cent. 

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Martins gastro delights

Martins rock cooking stone heated to 500 Fahrenheit is a perfect and healthy way to cook steak, fish and vegetables, whilst also creating a little bit of theater for the guest that transforms a meal into an event, writes Michael Fisher

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Best friend, companion and protector

Elton Furtado, who first ventured into the spa business, had to close it down on account of differences among the staff. He settled in Thailand and returned with a plan of providing exotic pets to Goan homes. He opened two trading shops, one each in Panaji and Margao called Lucky Pets. The exotic pets cost ranges from Rs 10,000 and …

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Intimate, but not involved

IN AN industry where actors struggle to build friendly equations with colleagues given the fierce competition to be at the numero uno spot, it is not uncommon to find film folk who prefer to not see eye to eye.

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