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Fighting Fit Talwalkars is maintaining its market leadership in the organised sector with market share of almost 12 per cent. The organised sector constitutes about 28 per cent of the market which implies huge potential for growth. The company is offering a wide range of products and services in fitness and consistently focusing on Healthy India Fit India (HiFi) franchisee …

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Nothing called toughest task in business

Second-generation businessman Irshad Soudagar is instrumental in making the Niyaaz chain the go-to-place in Goa for lip-smacking biryani. He runs the business in partnership with his brother and is looking for expansion. 

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Pension business of life insurers plunges 90%

MUMBAI: The life insurance industry is bearing the brunt of a 90 per cent fall in pension business due to a special tax treatment for the New Pension System and a regulatory clause that makes it mandatory for life insurers to offer guaranteed returns to subscribers.

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Make labour laws investor-friendly

Labour laws have become vintages in India. Over 60-plus years they hardly fit in dynamic business process and are due for reforms. For Goa looking out for job creation and investment worth Rs 25,000 crore, forthcoming reforms are all the more relevant as outside industry’s investment plans hinges on them. Goa’s labour situation in terms of productive hours, behaviour and …

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Goa welcomes everyone with open hands

Resident of Rajasthan and living in Goa for 13 years, Chinmay Joshi has established himself as prominent dealer of industrial batteries. He was in employment for just two years before a chance opportunity made him get into entrepreneurship. Q: Why did you opt to start a business in Goa?  Goa was untapped market and way back in 2004 it was …

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