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Off Season

off season: With the tourist season coming to an end in the state and monsoon approaching, a shack is being dismantled on the Candolim beach on Monday

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A water tanker

A water tanker travelling from Ribandar to Panaji went off the causeway and landed into the river while attempting to avoid a two-wheeler from crashing into it. The two-wheeler was learnt to be overtaking a vehicle even after seeing the oncoming tanker

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As schools in the state are set to re-open on June 5

As schools in the state are set to re-open on June 5, markets are flooded with school paraphernalia. Students and their parents are busy these days visiting markets to buy new stuff like school bags, water bottles, stationery etc. Panaji market is one of the places that is witnessing a rush of students these days who come to buy essentials …

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Flames of Terror

A Somali firefighter gestures at the site of a car bomb attack in Mogadishu on Monday. At least six people were killed and ten injured when a car loaded with explosives blew up at an Italian cafe on a key thoroughfare in the centre of the city which leads to the presidential palace

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Palm Sunday

A procession depicting the Passion of Christ is taken out from St Andrews Church, Vasco to Our Lady of Piety Chapel at Mangor Hill on Sunday

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