Friday, March 5, 2021



Unfair Practices Employed For Civic Body Polls

PACHU MENON, MARGAO The admittance by the State Election Commission (SEC) before the High Court of Bombay at Goa...

Importance Of Being Well Informed

D C PATHAK We live in the Age of Knowledge that set in with the success of the information technology (IT) revolution at the beginning...

Modi’s Popularity Among Indian Americans

ASAD MIRZA The 2020 survey carried out by Carnegie Endowment tries to find and analyse the reasons for Prime...

Winds Of Change In Jammu And Kashmir

DAR JAVED As the delegation of envoys from 23 countries concluded their Kashmir visit recently, militants made their presence...



Step in Right Direction
Even though life-imprisonment literally means spending the rest of one’s life in prison, in practice, however, life-imprisonment means incarceration for 14 years when lifer becomes entitled to remission of the rest of the sentence.

Education: Role of ‘Unrecognised’ Sector


Every year at the commencement of the admission season to educational institutions, teachers and administrators associated with the so-termed ‘recognised’ educational institutions and public funded universities spit venom on the training and educational input providers who in their wisdom are ‘unrecognised.’

Let’s Talk About It

The Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar was guarded when he threw up the idea of increasing the number of MBBS seats to 250. He suggested two ways of doing this – by either increasing the number of seats in the Goa Medical College (GMC) or starting a new college attached to the Margao district hospital.

Protect Honest Officers

The death of a senior Karnataka government official, who blew the lid off several scams in state housing co-operative societies, five days after he was brutally attacked by goons in Bangalore is another reminder of the dangers of being the ‘good guy’.


Mamata and her Temper

When the West Bengal Chief Minister, Ms Mamata Banerjee lost her cool and stormed out of an interactive CNN-IBN TV session when a student asked her about the arrest of a professor for forwarding her cartoon,

Real Killers of Goa’s Agriculture – I

By Nandkumar Kamat

AGRICULTURE is a full time, serious activity. Agriculture does not mean just paddy cultivation. More than 300 crops have been historically cultivated in Goa, 70 crops are popular and yields of paddy are comfortable where farmers still take serious interest.

Turning KTC Around

The new chairman of the Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC), Mr Carlos Almeida is enthusiastic about pulling this loss making enterprise out of the red within two years. He thinks it is possible.

Rough Streak at IPL

The Indian Premier League is known for its hard hitting batsmen, swing bowlers and edge-of-the-seat finishes. But the last week saw a different kind of drama.


Setting a strong foundation

Danuska Da Gama | NT KURIOCITY Education, just not to succeed in exams but also to prepare children for...

On the stage, once again

After a long pandemic break, the Kala Academy Goa’s College of Theatre Arts is returning to the stage with a Hindi play...

Help your child develop language skills

Neena Jacob My kids had to deal with Marathi as a second language in Maharashtra, and the biggest bug...

Cosmic Crashes

Researchers using data from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope seem to have found a growing cloud of dust. This cloud was created...