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Illicit Cable Operations

THE complexity of security challenges is increasing. In many ways, it has acquired an increasingly dangerous and extremely surprising and shocking character with the perpetrators of the crime moving on to hi-tech devices.

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Liability of a Bill

THE Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh will once again try to convince the Opposition to support the contentious Civil Nuclear Liability Bill for facilitating its adoption during the current session of the Parliament.

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Victims of Culture of Violence


TAMAR is a small Adivasi village in the deep jungles of Chhattisgarh. Two tribal farmers from the village are fighting a losing battle against a young Congress member of Parliament. He has forcibly built a factory on their fields, spread over 10 acres. He belongs to an industrialist scion from Haryana.

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Improper Deployment

THE India Reserve Battalion (IRB) is the first line of defence for internal security. But it isn’t so in Goa. IRB was raised in 2006 and its personnel were trained by Border Security Force experts in Madhya Pradesh. But they were never deployed for meeting terrorist or organised crime challenges.

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Crorepati Dalit

KNOWN for her penchant for self-promotion and a luxurious life, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Ms Mayawati on Monday raised the bar to a new level at a public rally in Lucknow by accepting a garland of 50,000 notes of Rs 1000 instead of flowers. The occasion was the 25th anniversary of her party, the Bahujan Samaj Party and also the birthday of its founder Kanshi Ram.

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