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Only Technically Correct

The Supreme Court’s decision that the Bihar government had no competence to challenge the acquittal of Mr Lalu Prasad and Ms Rabri Devi in the disproportionate assets case may be legally and technically a correct order, but it in no way affects the merit of the case.

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Overtaxed City

Nothing could illustrate the political and administrative incompetence and bankruptcy of the Corporation of the City of Panaji than its decision to hike the taxes ranging from 100 per cent to 5000 per cent.

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Scourge of Honour Killings
A HARYANA court has set a good precedent by awarding death sentence to five persons involved in the brutal murder of a young couple for marrying against the wishes of their community. The killers were none other than the close relatives of the girl–her brother, two uncles and two cousins.

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BJP’s Problems are not Over


S the Bharatiya Janata Party obsessed with proving that it is the sectarian, confrontationist oddball of Indian politics? Recent developments suggest so. Take Gujarat Chief Minister, Mr Narendra Modi’s behaviour.

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Innocent Victims of Jihad

A DAY after the jihadi attack in Moscow’s metro in which 39 people were killed on Monday, the Russian Prime Minister, Mr Vladimir Putin, who many Russians say is the country’s paramount leader despite stepping down as Kremlin chief in May 2008, has called upon the security forces to scrape the culprits "from the bottom of the sewers" and expose them.

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Liberating the Ganga

EVER the past few decades, the central and state governments concerned have initiated some positive steps to protect and preserve the fragile ecology in the Himalayas and also allow unchecked flow of the river Bhagirathi till it reaches the plains as River Ganga; one more step recently was the decision to shelve two mega hydroelectric projects, the 381-MW Bhaironghati and 480-MW Pala-Maneri.

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Peace via People-to-People Contact


INDIA and Pakistan are going more and more distant from each other. In any case, they have never been normal neighbours. But after the attack on Mumbai in November some 15 months ago, both are intentionally moving apart.

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Drugs under Lock and Key

THE revelation of the Home Minister, Mr Ravi Naik that seized narcotic substances have not been destroyed since the year 2000 has been quite shocking. This goes contrary to the spirit and content of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985.

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Justice and Injustice

SHARIAT Court in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had ordered death sentence to 17 Indians for killing a Pakistani and injuring three others in an attack that took place last year over the control of illegal liquor business in Al Sajaa area of Sharjah. Any one irrespective of his social and financial stature must be punished if found to be involved in crime.

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