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Unfinished Issues from Kargil War

KARGIL was one of India’s greatest victories over Pakistan and Indian soldiers fought valiantly in the battle against heavy odds. The leadership at all levels was at its best and it was a well-coordinated battle of wits, courage and determination. The country is proud of its soldiers who are by far the best amongst the world armies.

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Educational Uplift of Dhangars

WITH a view to removing one of the major constraints on their schooling, which is means of communication, and to check dropout dhangar boys and girls, the state department of social welfare will now provide bicycles to them in the talukas of Sanguem, Quepem, Canacona, Pernem, Ponda, Bicholim and Sattari.

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Rupee in Top Club

IT may take two years to come into widespread use but the fact that India has finally got a symbol for the rupee is a significant step towards reflecting the strength of its economy–or, perhaps more than that, reflecting the Indian ethos and culture.

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Abolish All Reservations
IT was simply unbelievable to note (NT, July 14) that in Tamil Nadu, the reservations in educational institutions and government jobs has peaked to 69 per cent and worst still, that the Karnataka government is contemplating to raise the reserved quota to 73 per cent.

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Delhi’s T-3, An Oddity in Green Era


CONSIDER the irony. Britain’s Conservative-led ruling coalition has just abandoned plans for a third runway at London’s Heathrow airport, which Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron was keen on. In India, the supposedly pro-aam admi United Progressive Alliance government has built a lavish, Rs 12,700-crore, nine-level, chrome-and-glass terminal at Delhi airport.

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A Decision without Data

RESERVATIONS are not to solve unemployment among backward communities and scheduled castes and tribes but an effective tool for empowerment. This is what the late V P Singh said when he announcement 27 per cent reservation for backward classes in 1990.

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The Development Side

Setting up a unified command structure to launch a coordinated security offensive against Maoists is certainly not the correct approach. The creation of a unified command, which was announced today after the meeting of the seven chief ministers of the naxalite-active states with the Prime Minister,

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Need for US Afghan Presence

BEFORE the entry of the Soviet forces into Afghanistan on Christmas Day in 1979, I used to visit Kabul regularly. I found President Mohammed Daud in the sixties, a fatherly figure who had no idea of what was happening in his country.

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A Wonderful Service

IT has been heartening to watch the rapid evolution of GVK EMRI into a model of emergency services. With ambulance services attached the hospitals unable to cope with emergencies, EMRI stepped in.

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