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Speedy Justice

For Ms Kanakrekha Nayak, wife of Parikhita Digal, a Christian Dalit  who was chased by a mob led by Kandhamal BJP MLA, Mr Manoj Pradhan, butchered to death and burnt in front of his wife and two daughters, justice has arrived, and in a short period of three years.

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Need for a Probe

The constitution of a House Committee to probe the manner in which shops were allotted in the Panaji market, although late, is nonetheless a dire requirement.

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Take Action Against Guilty
THE Leader of Opposition, Mr Manohar Parrikar had alleged (September 3, 2010) police-illegal mining nexus at Bicholim saying, “If the Bicholim PI continues there for another year, he will be the richest man. He will be richer than any drug pusher…I am making this statement with full knowledge”.

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Bridging the Hindu-Muslim Divide

THE sharp differences that have arisen, allegedly among Muslim religious leaders as a result of certain remarks made on the position of Muslims in Gujarat by Maulana Ghulam Mohammad Vastani, the vice-chancellor of Darul Uloom Deoband, raise many questions of relevance.

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Spending without Scheme

THERE is definitely something amiss about the Public Works Department Minister, Mr Churchill Alemao’s selective water tank distribution drive. We cannot call it a scheme because, as pointed out by the Fatorda MLA, Mr Damu Naik, there is no scheme in existence which allows the minister to make the distribution.

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Logical Conclusion

THE arrest of the former telecommunications minister, Mr A Raja in connection with his role in 2G scam, though significant, should not lull the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into going slow on the investigation.

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Courting Nuclear Trouble in Jaitapur


IMAGINE a beautiful ecosystem with virgin rainforests, great mountains and immense plant, animal and marine biodiversity, in which two great rivers (Krishna and Godavari) originate. Combine it with a flourishing farming, fisheries and horticultural economy which grows the world-famous Alphonso mango.

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A Human Face

THE prospect of displacement from land you considered your home always evokes a feeling of fear and uncertainty. Demolition has an element of finality. It signals the end of a chapter in the life of a family and the beginning of a new one fraught with difficulty and hardship.

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Flip-Flop on Environment

THE red light which halted the progress of the Posco bandwagon has turned to green. The ` 50,000 crore project, which envisages construction of a mammoth steel plant and a port facility was stalled by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) after a four-member committee noted that several irregularities had been committed.

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