Thursday, May 6, 2021



Pandemic Brings India To Its Knees

LT. GEN. (RETD) BHOPINDER SINGH AS the nation gasps for oxygen and the medical infrastructure creaks from sheer overburden,...

Importance Of Being Well Informed

D C PATHAK We live in the Age of Knowledge that set in with the success of the information technology (IT) revolution at the beginning...

Lockdown Is Devastating

SAMIR KHAN, MAPUSA THE state government has announced   four-day lockdown in view of the rising COVID cases in Goa....

‘Czar’ Putin’s Game Plan For India

Putin is intent on economically strangling Ukraine and daring Biden to do something BHARAT KARNAD THE...



Measures to Prevent Crimes Against Women - I
EVER since the gang-rape of the 23-year-old girl in Delhi, who eventually succumbed to her injuries in Singapore, there have been raging debates and demonstrations all over the country, seeking justice for the victim.

Afghanistan Will Have to Face Uncertainties

IN a welter of uncertainties emerging from the talks in Washington between the US President, Mr Barack Obama and the President, Mr Hamid Karazai of Afghanistan, there is one clear certainty:

Children’s Safety Unguaranteed

What do you say to the parents of the seven-year-old girl from Vasco who was raped? Sorry? We will pay you five or ten lakh rupees as compensation, because we were caught napping?

Wall Writing in Oil

After what seems like ages, the central government has finally deregulated the price of diesel, allowing both public and private oil marketing companies to raise the price of diesel by 50 paise per month until it reflects the market rate.


Verifying Age of Juvenile Offenders
THE media reports that as per the law of the land the age of a juvenile could be determined through bone test. If the results are at variance and unacceptable then the court relies on the birth certificate.

Juvenile Offenders Should be Categorised

THE debate surrounding the administration of criminal justice has been going on endlessly whether it should be punitive or reformative. No person is incorrigible and this is one of the grounds to oppose the death penalty.

Blow Against Corruption

THE verdict of a special Central Bureau of Investigations court convicting former chief minister of Haryana, Om Prakash Chautala, his son Ajay and 53 others of illegally recruiting 3,200-odd teachers, is a firm blow against corruption in the country.

Almost Forgotten?

FOR Goa, the Opinion Poll was a very important event. It determined, once and for all, the identity and future of the state, which was liberated only six years before and statehood was a natural corollary.


A farewell to retired teachers

NT BUZZ The management, staff and PTA of Guardian Angel Pre-Primary and Primary School, Curchorem bid farewell to senior...

Let’s get physical

‘Get Fit, Stay Fit Goa’, a two-week free bodyweight programme aims to inspire a fitness revolution in Goa. NT BUZZ talks to...

Food warriors

CHRISTINE MACHADO | NT BUZZ Pinky Goyal Like most people scanning the horrifying news coming in...

Born to run

NT BUZZ The second edition of the Mulgao Fitness Run 2021 was held. The run was sponsored by Anil...