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Visa on Arrival

Goa might not provide ‘visa on arrival’ facility, but the temporary landing permits (TLP) could prove to be equally effective if exploited well by travel agents based in the state.

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Condemn Attack on Nilesh

THE brutal attack on anti-mining activist, 24-year-old Mr Nilesh Gaonkar must be condemned by all Goans. Under the garb of language, religion, caste, etc, unscrupulous politicians have divided Goans, so as to continue with their destructive activities.

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Land, Loot and Violence


TWO parallel events in recent days underscore the reasons why ceaseless land-grab on a scandalous scale is causing so much anger and violence in the countryside and why the Indian political class, irrespective of its party affiliations, has a vested interest in doing nothing to stem the terrible tide that could render the entire country to something like the Naxal-infested Red Corridor.

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Mamata on Trial

The writing was on the wall, but the CPI(M) failed to read it. Now the results of the Assembly polls in West Bengal are out and for the first time in 34 years the Left is out in the cold.

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Creating Parking Spaces

Parking is an issue that comes up from time to time in Panaji. Every attempt, so far, to put in place a plan has met with little success. There seems to be a point of view that pay parking is a complete solution.

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Wrong Manufacturing Date

FOR more than six months now, I have noticed that milk packets of Goa Diary being sold at the local vendors (usually sweet marts) in Canacona have the following day’s date of manufacture inscribed upon them, i.e. if u purchase a milk packet on May 14, the date inscribed upon the packet of milk will read as 15/05/11.

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India’s Af-Pak Policy: Key Issues

OSAMA bin Laden might be dead but the turmoil he helped unleash in Af-Pak is getting complicated by the day. The manner of Osama’s death has underlined the rapidly deteriorating US-Pakistan ties.

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Innovativeness Awaited

In December last year, Goa’s Home Minister, Mr Ravi Naik declared that the drug mafia did not exist in the state. All that we have are a few petty dealers, he said. In his last press conference the outgoing director general of police, Mr Bhim Sain Bassi told journalists that the drug problem was insignificant.

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Long Wait

For the 15,274 Bhopal gas victims and six lakh disabled, justice might be slow, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. A Supreme Court ruling clears the road block for pressing stiffer charges against Union Carbide chairman, Mr Keshub Mahindra and six others.

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