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The Obama Spirit

May 18, 2011 will probably go down as one of the few days when education dominated the stage. In New Delhi meetings started to find a solution to the medium of instruction issue. In Panaji, the department of education, which hit a brick wall in attempting to implement the Right of Children to Free Education Act 2009,

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Mickky’s Quest

How important was Mr Sharad Pawar’s visit for the Benaulim MLA, Mr Mickky Pacheco? By staying away from Mr Pawar’s meetings, Mr Pacheco has further fuelled rumours doing the rounds in political circles that he is preparing the ground to break away from the party.

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Excuses MLAs Make

GOANS appear to be accustomed to the excuses of their MLA’s when it comes to tackling critical issues plaguing Goa like prostitution, Mopa, medium of instruction, illegal mining, mega project menace, special status to protect Goan identity,

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From Green Farms to Grey Fields

IT is the same story of a farmer and his land. The government acquired green fields at Greater Noida, in the suburbs of Delhi, for “public purpose” to develop the Yamuna Expressway for allotment to the highest bidder in the private sector.

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Changing Education System

THE Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 should have been embraced as a progressive legislation aimed at providing free education and keeping the child in school at least till standard VIII. Instead, it has become a subject of strife in the state.

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Mamata’s New Approach

WILL the Tatas go back to West Bengal? It would seem odd if they do; after all, the group was kicked out by Ms Mamata Banerjee who is going to be the new Chief Minister of the state.

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US’ Afghan Policy Vital for India

A FEW days back, the world was treated to a huge surprise, or rather a shocker, when Osama bin Laden was traced and killed in an affluent colony on the outskirts of Islamabad and not in the mountains where he was being hunted for 10 years.

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Fulfilment of Promises

The attack on Mr Nilesh Gaonkar, the 24-year-old engineer spearheading the agitation against ill effects of mining in Cavrem, has left those involved with the iron ore industry with a feeling of unease.

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Relief in Karnataka

As long as you have Mr B S Yeddyurappa as the Chief Minister and Mr H R Bhardwaj as the Governor, politics in Karnataka will have its doses of dash, daring and drama.

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