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Policing Inter-State SAARC Crime

By Subhashis Mittra
Against the alarming backdrop of cross-border crimes emerging as the biggest security challenge in South Asia, SAARC nations are seriously pondering over creation of a regional police force–SAARCPOL–and network among the eight member countries. 

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Ray of Hope

QUISCONDA, a village in a remote pocket of Quepem: almost forgotten, and rarely in the news pages. On Monday, Quisconda literally hit the headlines with a feat that most urban residents would dismiss with contempt.

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UN Grants for English
THERE have been many ‘letters to the editor’ in the local dailies stating how the poorer classes are being deprived of a proper education on account of the government refusing aid to English-medium schools.

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Urban Reforms Mandatory for JNNURM

MANY central government schemes are based on the state government’s ability to undertake and complete certain policy and administrative reforms. Goa doesn’t have a tradition of developmental journalism.

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Difficult to Escape

When you are implicated in a Rs 200-crore bribe you must prepare for the possibility of a jail term. It is difficult to hide such a huge cache of money without leaving a trail.

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Caution is the Word

The loot of Rs 1.2 crore in foreign currency from a money transfer outlet in Margao is definite to send shivers down the spines of traders and businessmen with large turnovers.

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