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Decongesting Panaji

AFTER a number of false starts the Corporation of the City of Panaji is finally going to get some money – Rs 10.53 crore – under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM).

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Pulling Out of Afghanistan

DOMESTIC pressure, the realisation that it cannot patrol Afghanistan indefinitely and the death of Osama bin Laden came together to force the US to announce a time table for withdrawal of its troops.

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Terror Victims on Recovery Track

A GROUP of women in Mumbai recently got their first lessons in computer skills and English. That might sound like a limited, practical development, but the organisers behind these workshops have something larger in mind: Developing a global female power base to reject the fear of violent extremism and to help people recover from it.

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Police under Pressure

THE new director general of police, Dr Aditya Arya has had his hands full, with troubles and embarrassments galore hitting the force. Mr Jivba Dalvi, the police inspector of the Verna police station finds himself at headquarters following pressure from a crowd of angry villagers who want him sacked for allegedly botching up a death case.

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Blinded by Prejudice

A POLL conducted in Pakistan has thrown up an interesting piece of information: Most Pakistanis view India as a bigger threat than Al Qaeda. To any observer in India, this would seem like a distortion of reality.

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Raking Up Unnecessary Controversy
THIS is in reference to the letter, ‘Need to rename Goa’ by Mr A F Nazareth (NT, June 17), which appears to be only a trigger to rake up an unwanted controversy.

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Types of risk and the risk of not knowing the difference


Last time we said bank deposits are the least risky of the investment products by default; technically the bottom (or the top, depending upon how you look at it!) place is occupied by government securities or gilts; but, we said, the gilts carry another type of a risk. What is this gadbad?

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