Thursday, December 3, 2020



The West Asia Trump Leaves Behind

SAEED NAQVI For the new team being announced by the Biden administration any innovation can only follow repair work...

India’s Expectations From Biden Presidency

D C PATHAK PRIME Minister Narendra Modi has personally congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden on his success and used...

Infra Push Needed To Revive Economy

NIRANJAN HIRANANDANI THE central government’s move to identify 7,000 projects under the ‘National Infrastructure Pipeline’ will not just showcase...

Worries On Big Businesses Owning Banks

JAGDISH RATTANANI When the house is on fire and the situation looks hopeless, any maverick action can be sold...


A Boomerang Called Entry Tax

Goa has never felt more vulnerable. The transporters based in Karnataka and Maharashtra have decided not to send any public carriers to Goa. Their threat brought the state government to the negotiating table and forced it to defer entry tax for eight days, during which a solution will be hammered.

An Inhuman Act

Two blasts at the finish line of the Boston marathon shook the United States on Monday. The first terror attack in the US since 9/11 left three people dead and several injured. Many who lost limbs will have to contemplate lives as amputees.


No Sound Thinking Behind Entry Tax
Apparently in a bid to fill up the coffers, the Parrikar government has sought to levy entry tax for non-Goan vehicles entering Goa. From the very beginning, the scheme has been missing the confidence either of the proposers or the people.

Thatcher Feared Islam

By Kuldip Nayar
I met Margaret Thatcher for the first time when I was India’s envoy at London in 1990. At that time she was counting on her achievements, including the triumph in the cold war.

Protecting Goa’s Identity

DOES the resolution passed by the Assembly on Monday recommending the Union government to grant state special status under Article 371 of the Constitution contain a new resolve to protect the unique identity of Goa?


Debar Goans from selling land to “outsider”
It was totally heartening to hear all our 38 good men, one woman and one lady who carries the burden of legacy, so admirably rise in one voice to demand Special Status for Goa in the Assembly  today.

No Entry for Entry Tax

The entry tax on vehicles entering the borders of Goa created a mild flutter with the opposition by the Belgaum Chambers of Commerce and the groups from the border areas of Karwar and Sindhudurg districts. 

Jobs Fitting Goan Attitude

Jobs are an important way of measuring the success or failure of a government and the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar is aware of it. Speaking at a programme organised by the Small Scale Industries Organisation in Margao last Saturday, he highlighted the need to set up employment-generating industries.


In devotion to Goencho Saib

For the first time in history, the feast of Goa’s beloved saint, St Francis Xavier will be celebrated virtually today

Ballads from Goa, with love

Goan cultural group Goychim Lharam is all set to release three music videos of Goan mandos.NT BUZZ gets a sneak peek

COPD in the COVID-19 era

With festivals and the wedding season in the offing, we might witness a significant spike in respiratory diseases. People are moving out...

Act it out

NT BUZZ Goa-based theatre group ‘Theatre Flamingo’ organised ‘TF Actor’s Lab’, a residential workshop for actors at Poinguinim, Goa.