Wednesday, September 23, 2020



Community Transmission To Impact Schools

Actually, asking for written undertaking from the parents is a clever way for the government to avoid the responsibility and prevent litigation

Eternal Quest For Financial Stability

Acharya says the efforts of the RBI at restoring financial stability were seen by the government as contradictory to pursuing growth

How People Are ‘Cooperating’ With COVID-19

The present demography of the COVID-19 seropositive cases shows that the state is reaching a dangerous critical point Nandkumar...

The Muivah Factor In Nagaland Insurgency

HOTOVI SEMA THUINGALENG Muivah (86) is referred to as master betrayer right from his joining the NNC in 1964....


Abnormal Measures In Abnormal Times

The irony is that such violation of civil liberties is actually of exigent requirement at this moment if mankind is to get...

Sushant Case: Role Of Agencies Debatable

RAJDEEP SARDESAI For several weeks now, the obituary of TV news has been written by many media observers. The...

Clear Garbage From Busy Margao Road

EVERETTE ASSIS TELLES, MARGAO There is a mound of garbage strewn by motorists and passersby on the busy Abade...

Decoupling Of India, China Economies

Could boost domestic manufacturing for large, medium and small industries; increase employment, tax revenues and even demand thanks to a multiplier effect

Attack On Rhea, A New Low For India

JAGDISH RATTANANI The statement by the father of Rhea Chakraborty reflects the pain and the discomfort many might feel...

Hitting China Where It Hurts The Most

GANAPATHI BHAT, AKOLA Generally, a tiff between two countries is both physical and psychological. A hostile country, it is...

Remembering Crusader Victoria Fernandes

In forefront in all popular movements standing shoulder to shoulder with toddy tappers, traditional fishermen, small businesses,  fruit and vegetable vendors, self-employed...

A Peep Into Workings Of Chinese Army

An important criterion for future promotion is not capability but membership of the CCP SUMIT KUMAR SINGH




The show must go on

Here’s a look at a few more selected, quality videos uploaded on social network JP PEREIRA

Pieces from a thesis

Luis Dias Just as one should double-check everything one reads on Wikipedia, one should be wary of the output...

The foresight called ‘bondvoll’ of Calapur

Sanjeev V Sardesai It has been said that for the next generation to fly high and aim for the...

Vaishanti recognised for selfless service

Vishanti Coutoncar, who assisted the Government of India’s Vande Bharat Mission in Dubai to repatriate Goans and others during the lockdown, was...