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Casino vessels: Lobo aims for equilibrium in Mandovi



Port Minister Michael Lobo on Wednesday said  the government wants to bring about equilibrium within the Mandovi  by shifting three  casino vessels towards Verem side of the river.

“The captain of port will keep three each casino vessels on both  sides of the river so that a balance is maintained in the  Mandovi,” he told reporters. Rubbishing the allegations made by the Opposition over shifting of the casino vessels towards Verem side of the river, Lobo observed that  the  vessels have been in the Mandovi much before he became the Port Minister.

He said the file as regards the shifting of the vessels toward Verem side of Mandovi  was moved when Jayesh Salgaonkar was the  port minister.

“When he (Jayesh) was the  minister, he had no problem on the shifting of casino vessels towards Verem side,” the minister said, adding that the Saligao MLA and other leaders should understand that Mandovi is a river and not part of any assembly constituency.

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