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Cashew, other plantations gutted in fire at Nadora

Mapusa: Around 20 hectares of cashew and other plantations were gutted in a fire in Nadora village, resulting in 10 farmers suffering a loss between Rs 25-30 lakh.

The farmers suspect a foul play behind the incident and have demanded the government to look into it and provide them compensation.

After flooding, then bison attack and now the fire incident has left the farmers of Nadora in a state of shock as a large area covering cashew, mango, jackfruit and others plantations has been


The farmers said that every year they face fire incidents and subsequent losses.

“We work so much for our plantations so that we can get a good yield but every year miscreants create losses for us by setting fires,” said a distressed farmer Shantaram Gawas, adding, with lack of proper access to plantations it becomes difficult for the fire brigade to contain the fire speedily.

“The government should inspect our plantations and provide compensation as more than 35 mango trees, 25 coconut trees, jackfruit trees are gutted in the fire,” he said.

Another farmer Gurudas Gawas said that “the government should do something about such fires which are reported every year. This time the cashew flowers got burnt. We were expecting a good yield but now we will have to start all over again.”

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