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Carmona VP passes surplus budget of Rs 27.64 lakh

Carmona: The gram sabha of Carmona on Sunday discussed its annual budget for the year 2020-21 while avoiding a discussion on development works in keeping with the moral code of conduct currently in force for the upcoming ZP elections.

During the budget discussions, it was decided to do away with the trade tax and instead introduce a yearly trade licence as well as to do away with the streetlight tax since the electricity department would be taking over the village’s streetlights.

Speaking about the decision, village sarpanch Allwyn Jorge said, “We have decided to do away with the trade tax and instead charge an amount by issuing an annual trade licence that will have to be renewed every year. Similarly, we have also done away with the streetlight tax that we were collecting every year since now, the electricity department has taken over the streetlights in the village and they will be in charge of its maintenance.”

The budget for the year 2020-21 shows an expected income of Rs 1.44 crore and an expected expenditure of Rs 1.16 crore, thus having a surplus of Rs 27.64 lakh. The major part of the expenditure is expected to be spent on development work including Rs 30 lakh for building roads and drainages, purchasing of a bailing machine costing Rs 5 lakh, purchasing of a composting machine expected to cost Rs 5 lakh and purchasing of a rickshaw to be used for garbage collection which is expected to cost Rs 3 lakh.

During the discussion on the budget, gram sabha members also made suggestions for the panchayat to take up work on the village football ground.

Other issues including the formation of a special committee to look into the dispute with neighbouring village of Varca over the jurisdiction of Zalor beach is to be put up for the next gram sabha meeting.

Jorge also informed the gram sabha of its exercise on tenant verification in the village. He said that keeping in line with a resolution taken by villagers during a special meeting held last year, notices were issued urging owners to submit tenant verification forms of tenants living in their premises to the panchayat.

After two months, the panchayat had received a huge response. They however said the next step was to be decided. “As per the resolution, we sent out notices and received a lot of response. But what action must we take against those that have not submitted the forms?” asked Jorge.

In response, the village forum president Constacio Miranda asked each panch member to go through the forms and list out those owners that had not submitted the forms, while another gram sabha member suggested imposing a penalty.

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