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Capturing Goa’s essence in silence

Vipin Sharma has finished shooting his film ‘Baarish’, based on the monsoons in Goa. A combination of three short stories, it explores the unseen side of Goa. The unique silent film has no dialogues, no use of lights, tripod or clap while it was being shot. NT BUZZ catches up with Vipin
Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ
Vipin Sharma who portrayed characters in films like ‘Taare Zameen Par’, ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, ‘Shahid’, ‘Paan Sing Tomar’ and others has now forayed into film direction. A regular at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), he feels Goa has now become nothing less than home.
He has just wrapped up shooting his film ‘Baarish’ that captures the monsoons in Goa. For him turning into a film director was always on the cards. Apart from studying acting at the National School of Drama, he studied films at the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto and has also edited extensively. “Cinema is definitely a more intimate way of expressing yourself so I really wanted to experience it.”
Ask him why a film on Goa and he says: “I have been coming to Goa for a number of years and always wanted to make a film here. I love being here, the hospitality of people and the freedom to be.”
He says he didn’t want to just shoot something like a song or use it as an exotic location. He, like many other people who are in love with our State, wanted to explore Goa and show it the way it is, minus the touristy places with beach umbrellas and hot air balloon rides as seen in many mainstream Bollywood movies.
Talking about his film he says the concept of making ‘Baarish’ came about as he was looking for the lyrical side of Goa during the monsoons, when it is serene, green and sans the hustle and bustle of tourists in the State.
The three stories that are portrayed in the film are intertwined. They are about loss and loneliness, but also about hope and moving forward. The cyclical nature of our lives is overwhelming at times. Vipin says he has tried to mix the past and present through the rains.
“Because there are no dialogues, the characters interact with the space there are in. I kept improvising the scenes constantly and letting actors just be in the space.” The sole intention was to capture that certain speed in Goa, he says, which lets you be.
So is ‘Baarish’ slow? “No, no… It’s not very slow,” he says, before adding that there is a lot to grab the viewers’ attention. “Initially you might think you don’t know what’s going on, but then it all makes sense,” he says.
Talking about his experience as a director he says shooting ‘Baarish’ was one of his best experiences. “I drove around for hours. At times if I just came across a unique location I immediately placed actors in it and improvised scenes.”
And of course he had a lot of Goan help. He says Vaman Parab and Sainath Parab contributed greatly to the film. “It was a very intimate experience for the actors too as I didn’t use a tripod, clap or even sound while shooting as the film is mostly silent. It has two small scenes which are verbal; the rest is a journey through Goa seen through the eyes of the characters.”
He shot scenes at ‘Baretto Vila- Patrons 1880’ which was used to shoot a first silent film. Similarly he has used ‘The Stone House’ an old bar in Candolim. The idea behind the choice of locations used for his film is that they are not just local but also have some historical reference. His cast too are Goan at heart if not Goan by descent.
He plans to have a screening of his film at the Baretto house amidst a gathering. The uniqueness of this screening he says will be the live music, as was with the films back then.
While this might just be his project in Goa, he has several other projects that he intends to do in the state. “I want to do a lot in Goa with Goan actors, musicians, and professionals. I want my projects to be collaborations and not something that is done by all outsiders,” he says.
His film stars Ulhas Dattatray Joshi, a retired principal; Pavan Ganganath Mhalsekar, a 9-year-old boy who has never acted before; Andrea D’souza; Crizzle and her daughter Chanel from Dona Paula and Siddharth Nagoji, a graduate of the Sangeet Natak Akademi of Goa. Vipin tells us that he didn’t audition any of them. “I just met them once and cast them based on my intuition that they were the people I was looking for to act in my film and they have done a fabulous job.”
The film that is yet to be edited will be ready by January 2017. A little over an hour in duration, it won’t have a commercial release, but what he is aiming for known festivals across continents that screen good Indian films.

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