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Captain and Iceberg    

Recent changes in portfolios of a few ministers in Goa cabinet have sent off a couple of them sulking. There are various theories afloat in the media to explain the motivation of Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar in making the changes, though he has not said a word in explanation. Dayanand Mandrekar has openly expressed his displeasure at being divested of panchayat portfolio, and key supporters of Alina Saldanha have described her removal from forest and environment as a “BJP betrayal” to the memory of Matany Saldanha. What do Mandrekar and Alina think – the portfolios they were given were their private properties? It is an established practice for a captain to choose his crew members. Whether the ship navigates smoothly to its destination or hits an iceberg and sinks is the accountability of the captain; so he has every right to select his team. Mandrekar and Alina should derive happiness from the fact that the captain has not excluded them from his team. Ultimately, voters in 2017 will judge Parsekar’s performance as captain. We will know from the popular mood whether he was a good captain or bad.

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