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Cane farmers resume agitation against price hike in cattle feed



Bearing no fruit in the meeting with the administrator, Goa Dairy farmers once again started their agitation on Monday demanding a rollback in the cattle feed price hike. Around 200 farmers had taken part in the protest, who continued their agitation until late evening outside the Dairy’s administrative building gate at Curti, after their meeting with the administrator failed in the morning.
With a hike in the cattle feed prices by Rs 4 per kg from January 16, farmers protested on January 17 demanding a rollback in the price. The managing director Dr A N Phadte fixed a meeting with the administrator on January 20 to discuss the issue. Accordingly a meeting was held and farmers put their demand in the meeting. But, the administrator did not approve their demand and said that the price hike in cattle feed is the need of the hour.

Upset over the decision, the farmers resumed their agitation once again and have decided to continue the same until their demands are fulfilled.

Later in the evening agitating farmers have resolved for a special general body meeting of Goa Dairy to discuss the cattle feed price issue and the letter demanding for a general body meeting has been given to the administrator. While a similar letter will be given to the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Anup
Desai said.

When contacted administrator Arvind Kutkar said that due to rise in the prices of raw materials required for cattle feed manufacturing, the plant has been running into losses. The accumulated deficit has reached around Rs 4 crore and before the situation goes out of hand the Dairy had hiked the cattle feed prices, he said.

He also informed that as per the farmers demand, Goa Dairy has written to the government for a one time settlement to cover-up cattle feed losses. If the government grants the same, the hiked prices of cattle feed will be rolled back with effect from the date it has been implemented. The same has been conveyed to farmers but they are not ready to listen, Kutkar said.

It should be noted that, Goa Dairy has increased prices of high protein cattle feed to Rs 23.30 per kg from the earlier Rs 19.30 per kg. The rate of high energy cattle feed has been increased from January 16.

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