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Bridal Shower


What are the most important things that a bride needs to remember when getting married. Here is a bucket list of things that will be needed and will make the big day stress free.

Skin and beauty care

Skin and beauty care starts a month or two before the big day. First, get all the skin problems checked– pimples, blemishes, scars, etc. Then have some skin toning treatments and facials so that the skin is fresh and clean for the big day. Also give the hair the same attention that starts with a good hair cut along with oil massages and hair packs to give a shiny gloss to the crowning glory.

Wedding trousseau

The most important thing for the bride is the wedding trousseau and this should be done at least three to four months before the wedding. Select a designer who will be able to create the dream wardrobe for you. You could go for more than one designer to compile the trousseau if you like but ensure that the outfit for the wedding and the reception will make you the most beautiful bride and the cynosure of all eyes. Do not try to copy what you have seen at fashion shows or in magazines. Wear an outfit that enhances your personality, is easy to wear and looks great in photographs. Also make sure that your partner’s sherwani matches your wedding outfit so that you make a great couple and pair in the wedding photos.

Makeup and hair

The makeup and hair should be perfect and match the ensemble. Select a makeup and hair stylist who is known for creating beautiful bridal makeup. Depending on the weather and the time of the wedding make sure that the makeup lasts through the ceremony and the reception and flatters your face and hair.


The jewellery for the bride is the most important after the clothes so the designer and the jeweller have to be in sync with the look. The jewellery must enhance the outfit and vice versa and both must suit your figure and personality.

Shoes and handbag

The selection of the handbag and shoes is very important since you will be standing for a long times therefore the shoes have to be stylish but comfortable and the handbag must be dainty but practical to hold at least a bit of makeup for touch-ups.

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