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Board to be constituted under Smart City Mission for Panaji

Panaji: Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, on Tuesday, stated that he would constitute a Board under the Smart City Mission for Panaji city, within 8 days, just as the city MLA, Atanasio ‘Babush’ Monserrate said that he as well as the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) had been kept in a total darkness by the Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd (IPSCDL) as regards the details of the city development planned under the Mission.

Monserrate said that the citizens of Panaji inquire with him about the city development while he is totally ignorant as regard what is happening in the Smart City.

“There is one person called Chaudhuri at the Smart City office, who is presently dictating terms for the smart city,” he added.  

Incidentally, the Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd is the special purpose vehicle created to implement the Smart City plans, while Swayandipta Pal Chaudhuri is the CEO of the IPSCDL.

The Chief Minister, speaking further said that once the meeting of the Board – of which Monserrate will be a member – is held, there shall be no doubts of any kind in anyone’s mind and all related issues would be solved.

Earlier, the Panaji MLA questioned the Minister for Public Works, Deepak Pauskar during Question Hour about hot mixing the Panaji-Ribandar main and internal roads and the timeframe by which these works would be initiated.

Pauskar replied that since the underground electrical cabling is being carried out and new sewerage scheme is proposed by IPSCDL on these roads, hot mixing could not be carried out. 

 “The hot-mixing of Ribandar roads will be taken up after the completion of the said works and after obtaining No Objection Certificate from the IPSCDL so that no further road cutting is done,” he added.

Monserrate, taking objection to this reply questioned as to how the Special Purpose Vehicle of the Smart City Mission for Panaji city issue NOCs for works to be taken up by the electricity department and public works department.

The Leader of the Opposition, Digambar Kamat questioned as to how Smart City works are being synchronised with other government departments.

Kamat also stated that the IPSCDL should not step into the domains of other government departments, and added that such duplication of responsibilities would lead to a mess.

The Chief Minister finally informed the House that a government notification has already been issued, which gives powers to the IPSCDL to direct the government


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