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BJP’s Patel Dilemma

The agitation by Patels in Gujarat for reservations in education and employment might have turned peaceful, but it cannot be wished away by the BJP government led by Anandiben Patel. The Patels have been mobilized in a large number by Hardik Patel, who though only 22-year-old, appears to be politically well connected, especially with some leaders of the RSS family.There is a lot of speculation about who are behind the agitation; some have mentioned a section of the RSS itself, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Pravin Togadia, the Congress, even Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and so on; but the reality cannot be ignored that Hardik has behind him college-going Patels who feel they are victims of ‘injustice’, because an OBC youth with 70 per cent marks gets admission in a medical college while a Patel with 90 per cent marks cannot. The BJP government in Gujarat knows they cannot meet the demands of the Patel youth. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also knows he cannot do it. They are in dilemma: the Patels can swing 70 of the 182 assembly seats in Gujarat. The Patels were responsible for sustaining Modi in power in Gujarat, so the BJP runs the danger of losing a good part of its base in the 2017 Assembly elections. Exactly, how Modi and Anandiben can satisfy the Patel youth is neither clear to them nor to the Patels, which means continued trouble in the state.

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