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Bio-toilet installation soon in 5 talukas

Panaji: The first phase of the installation of bio-toilets in the state will commence soon in the rural areas of five talukas, benefitting over 30,000 families, which have been identified as living without toilets.

These bio-toilets will be lime colour-painted and fitted with Indian-type water closet. They will be installed outside the houses so as to end open defecation.

The installation will commence in phases starting with the rural areas of five talukas of Ponda, Salcete, Quepem, Bardez and Bicholim. The maximum number of beneficiaries is from Ponda taluka with 10,000 families living without a toilet, 6,612 in Bardez, 6,453 in Bicholim, 4,277 in Quepem and 3,500 in Salcete.

The panchayat department has shared the list of beneficiaries with the Goa Waste Management Corporation and now the installation process has started with ground verification of the land through village panchayats with the help of survey number, geo coordinates and land ownership details to ensure the toilets are installed at the right locations.

The work order has been issued to three national companies – Caya Frontier JV Private Limited, LNA Infraprojects Private Limited, Banka Bioloo Limited – and two Goan business enterprises – OM Ventures and CAM Industrial Services – to install, geo-tag and commission the toilets.

The work order to these qualifying bidders has been issued in batches of 500 on June 12, asking them to complete the installation within three months to enable the Corporation to allot the next batch. 

The Delhi-based Caya Frontier JV Private Limited has been given the work order to install toilets in Salcete, while Jaipur-based LNA Infraprojects Private Limited will have to install bio-toilets in Ponda. Banka Bioloo Limited, a Hyderabad-based company, has been ordered to install the bio-toilets in Bardez, while the two Goan ventures have been given the task of completing installation of the bio-toilets in Bicholim and Quepem talukas.

The rate of each unit has been fixed at Rs 58,184. However, the state government, with the help of central assistance, will supply each unit at a cost of Rs 4,000 to general category beneficiaries. For OBC, the cost of a unit will be Rs 2,500 and for ST, it will be Rs 1,000.

The Goa Waste Management Corporation had floated the e-tender for construction/ installation of bio-digester based Individual Household Latrine (IHHL) last year in August. Subsequent corrigendums to tender were issued based on the queries and suggestions received during pre-bid meeting. The technical bid of the tender was opened in February 2019 and the financial bid was opened in April 2019 and after following due procedures, the work orders to the successful bidders were issued in June 2019.

The payment to the qualified bidders will be made in three installments. Seventy per cent payment will be made on supply of toilet module and bio-digester tank to the beneficiaries. The next installment of 20 per cent of the payment will be made on commissioning of the toilets and the remaining 10 per cent of the payment will be made to the qualified bidders on completion of six months of commissioning of the bio-toilets.

The directorate of panchayats will obtain/collect funds from the state government, central government and the beneficiary share and release it to the Goa Waste Management Corporation to make the payment.

Under the bio-toilet concept of DRDO, the 700-litre capacity bio-digester tank in bio-toilet is to be filled with inoculums containing bacteria. The water trap system in the toilet prevents air from getting into the tank. The human waste is processed by anaerobic bacteria in chambers in the tank and the methane gas is allowed to escape into the air. However, to install bio-toilet, the company has to prepare ground base by levelling the ground and firm base shall be prepared by compaction and by providing laterite soling so as to withstand the toilet structure even at a wind velocity of 100 km/hr.

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