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Binge drinking and overeating

Luke Coutinho


So many people out there are disciplined with their food, exercise and sleep for five days every week. But the food and alcohol over the weekend literally wipes out all the efforts put in during those five days.

Your weekend can negate the effects of your whole week’s exercise or nutrition plan. Does this mean we give up our weekends? Absolutely not.

We learn to live in balance and respect the words moderation and compensation. Binge drinking and binge eating robs you of your health and puts more distance between you and your goal.

Binge eating and drinking warrants for us to look deep into ourselves and understand the reason and trigger behind that behaviour. Most people I counsel say that after a long week of hard work, this is the way they can unwind. They want to have fun and let loose.

But if we aim at looking at ways and lifestyle changes that can help us unwind a little every day, we may be able to work harder and enjoy what we do, and bring a little peace into each day. All that added together will reduce the amount one has to binge drink or eat over the weekend.

The way we end our day is so important. We need to engage in lifestyle changes that help us unwind after a long day, we need a little me time, we need to be able to sit in silence even if it is for a few minutes, reflect on the whole day gone by, what went well, what didn’t, what we could be thankful for, and then prepare to sleep. And this can be done anywhere, in your own home, whether you’re staying in a hotel on a flight, in a tent under the stars, we have to end our day and prepare for sleep the right way.

I advise my clients to enjoy a drink everyday rather than build it all up and binge drink on a Saturday. The liver can only take so much at a time, no matter how strong you may think you are. The same goes with food. I have never understood the concept of binge eating. Eat what you like, junk, processed, desserts, deep fried, but must you overeat? Overeating and over consumption is the biggest problem and cause of obesity and ill health.

Binge eating and drinking increases the level of toxicity to such an extent that it takes days for the cells and body to get back to balance. No amount of heavy exercise punishment or glasses of lemon water will bring about immediate effects.

Binge drinking wrecks havoc on triglyceride levels, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, blood circulation, liver and kidney health, mental and sexual health, immunity and more.

Moderation is key. Binge drinking and eating may appear to fill some void or voids in life, but it’s a band-aid phenomenon. Look deeper and plug those voids with what’s really needed. Most of those voids revolve around emotions, fear and insecurity.

So have a drink if you feel like, spread it over the week, if that’s what you enjoy, and eat that dessert when your heart truly wants it. The whole ‘willpower’ battle of being good five days a week and binging over the weekend just doesn’t work. The idea is not to not socialise and stay home on the weekends, the idea is to add balance to your life and way of living. For that, you need to look within.

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